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The O2 Waterproof Trail jacket 30k is a waterproof jacket, extremely breathable, ultra lightweight and 100% windproof. It is a garment designed for trail running and fast activties with a weight of only 173 grams. Manufactured with the new O2 30K membrane of 2.5 layers which offers a guaranteed (test) waterproof protection of 20,000 mm and a transpiration capacity of MVTR: 30,000 g/ ((m2·24h). 100% heat sealed seams, waterproof zippers from YKKTM AquaGuard®. Foldable in its own pocket.

A carefully crafted garment designed to protect trail runners under the most adverse conditions without affecting their performance.

FAST&LIGHT - 173g (S)



Trail running, Skimo, FAST&LIGHT Alpinism


Mixed cuff, prevents from water saturation

Chin-Guard, zipper protected to prevent friction with the chin

Automatic waterproof Cental YKK® Zipper®AquaGuard®. It locks at the desired height

Button (hidden) on the zipper to be able to wear the garment open and ventilated

Waist adjustment by system One hand stopper

Water repellent external treatment DWR

Foldable in its own chest pocket

Outdoor Fit: Comfortable pattern offering complete freedom of movement


Cutting S -173 grams

Cutting M -184 grams

Cutting L -192 grams

Cutting XL -200 grams


O2 - 2.5 layers

100% Nylon 60 g/m2. Ripstop. Hydrophilic membrane of polyurethane.

 Waterproof: 20,000mm of water pressure (TEST JIS L1092: 2009 - 7.1.2) 

Breathability: 30,000g/(m²·24h) (TEST JIS L1099: 2006 METHOD B1)

DWR C6 (Durable Water Repellency) 80/20

Note: both the fabric they are the thinnest and lightest available for a jacket of this characteristic. Use with some backpacks may cause friction on the fabric, depending also on factors such as distribution of weight or the force with which the backpack fits.

Laboratory report


The O2 WP Trail jackets have been designed to be used in aerobic activities and be subjected to intense use.  Together with one of Japan's leading textile manufacturers, we have developed a fabric tailored to the garment, following our FAST&LIGHT design philosophy. We combine high waterproof/breathable capacity and durability in an ultra light fabric (60g/).



Aup to 169up to 174up to 183up to 189up to 195


Measures of the product

medidas OS2O



For proper maintenance of O2 - 2.5 layer membranes follow these recommendations:

 It is important to wash the garment regularly, especially after wearing it in a sweaty, intense aerobic situation or after being exposed to a chemical that may affect its properties.

Wash the garment alone or with other breathable waterproof garments. Do not bring inside out.

Machine wash (never hand wash) in cold water at 30 oC.

Do not use softeners.

5. Use liquid detergent, not to use bleach, avoid powdered detergents.

To increase the duration of the garment and its properties, we recommend the use of nikwax® specific products.

7. Rinse several times (at least two rinse cycles) if necessary, until it doesn´t have any soap smell.


Presentation in action of the O2 Waterproof 30k Trail Jacket by the OS2O Trail team.

Light and very breathable trail running visor. Built with Cool2Dry® fabric, ultralight and quick drying, it provides a cool and ventilated feeling while being protected from the sun. Semi flexible brim that allows it to be packed in a very low volume rebounding to its original position in seconds.

An ideal accessory for any trail running activity to protect your face from the sun or rain providing a proper ventilation of the head.


OS2O hecho en España


Trail running


Inner band and mesh in Cool2Dry® breathable it absorbs sweat and dries quickly 

Back closure composed of tape + connector + elastic tape providing durability and quick millimeter adjustment

NIFCO® connector a flat surface which ensures comfort and staying in position even on very windy ridges

Reflective logos at the bottom of the visor (FAST&LIGHT)

Folding in very small volume

Semi-flexible visor, can be bent by returning to its original position


Single size: 31 grams




Back mesh and sweat strip in Cool2Dry® that ensures lightness, breathability and quick drying.

Front and visor. This is 100% nylon, windbreaker. In the case of vehicles of categories M1 and N2 with a maximum mass exceeding 2000 kg:


Single size (54 to 61 cm)


Information about care and maintenance

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