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Tenacious Tape Gear Aid by McNett

Tenacious Tape Gear Aid by McNett is an all-purpose, transparent weatherproof repair tape that fixes rips, holes, taping and gashes in almost all kinds of outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what climate conditions appear and leaves no sticky mess. It is easy to apply and care. Tenacious Tape is the best option to repair O2 Waterproof Membrane and eVent fabrics in OS2O’s products.

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Transparent, ultra-strong repair tape with an aggressive adhesive

A 7.6cm x 50cm strip of machine washable tape

Tape can be moved or repositioned within 24 hours without leaving behind a sticky residue

Makes quick, in-field repairs to rips, tears and holes in outdoor gear

Sticks to almost any surface without leaving a sticky residue

Provides nearly invisible repairs

Instantly seals leaking seams and stops rips from spreading

Acts as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas

Long lasting

Lightweight and compact

How to use?

1) Clean and dry area to be repaired. Trim loose threads. Join torn edges of material.

2) For smaller repairs, cut tape for appropriate size, allowing overlap of repair of at least 25mm in all directions.

3) Round the edges of tape for best adhesion.

4) Remove paper backing and apply to damaged area over hard, flat surface. May be applied to outside surface or inside surface depending upon cosmetic preference, or both sides for the highest performance repair.

5) After applying, rub with pressure using circular motion from center out. Item may be used immediately. Adhesive reaches full strength in 24 hours.

6) Wait 24 hours after application and you can machine wash without worrying that the repair tape will peel off.



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