Moving fast and light in the mountains, a simple and beautiful idea that existed long before mountaineering became a formal activity. Leave from a village, climb to the top of a mountain and return as fast as possible, moving in total freedom.  


For OS2O the FAST&LIGHT style is a way of facing the challenges of the mountain and is far from meaning records or competitions. Speed is not about running, it means moving lightly, steadily and efficiently while maintaining a high commitment to activity planning and physical preparation. 


A FAST&LIGHT activity requires being alert to the changes in the mountain as well as listening to ourselves: use of warm clothing at the right time to avoid getting cold from the wind, choose the route that allows us to be the most efficient, do not waste energy by being overdressed (movement is the best temperature regulator), plan the best time to do the activity, stay hydrated and nourish ourselves to avoid losing capacity.


Not wasting time and energy is just as important as the choice of equipment you use. Moving fast and light involves the integration of our physical capacity, experience, technical skill, knowledge of the environment and ability to respond to changes. We believe that the beauty of the environment is not only enjoyed contemplatively. We enjoy the preparation, the effort and even the relinquishing of a goal in favour of our safety.  


Every element that makes up an OS2O product has been conceived from the FAST&LIGHT vision, we accompany you in your challenges by developing garments with full functionality that allow you to move comfortably, high technical performance against the elements all in the lightest possible weight. We enjoy the process, the effort and fair play in the mountains, we are OS2O FAST&LIGHT.  






The development of our products is a reflection of our FAST&LIGHT vision and follows principles where functionality is at the heart of the creation and the elements that make up each of the designs represent the essence of this style. 


Lightness: The weight of the clothing and material has a direct impact on physical performance, for us the maximum limit is 350 grams. 


Technology: We use fabrics and materials that offer full functionality. The aim is to develop garments that protect you in the changing conditions of the mountain. The fabric composition, yarn density, grammage, mechanical properties, insulation, wind resistance, water vapour permeability, waterproofing, chemical treatments and every element that makes up an OS2O product has been selected based on its functionality when carrying out FAST&LIGHT activities. 


Versatility: A fundamental element at OS2O is not to overproduce, that's why our products have a versatile use. We develop garments that offer optimal performance in more than one activity, as well as being multifunctional and allowing thermal balance, insulating protection, avoiding overheating and even offering complementary properties such as protection against wind and heat loss by convection in key areas; but at the same time allowing the evacuation of excess heat by evaporation. Our garments are functional over a very wide temperature range, which, depending on the intensity of the activity and the weather conditions, provide an optimal temperature balance.  


Efficiency: Our FAST&LIGHT products are designed to be integrated into an active layering clothing system, where each garment offers a specific functionality and their integration allows for a multifunctional system to cope with the most demanding mountain conditions. The technical configuration of our garments allows you to move in total comfort, hoods, pockets and cuffs have been designed not to overlap and to be compatible with external elements, such as helmets, crampons or ice axes. 


Valley-Summit-Valley: The development of garments that offer valley-summit-valley functionality is a priority in our FAST&LIGHT line, a single garment that is functional in different routes, altitudes and weather conditions. It is under this principle that we have developed products that offer insulation for the coldest hours, with a soft touch that offer comfort when worn in direct contact with the skin, that protect from the wind when reaching a ridge or a pass, that keep us dry in the event of an unexpected snowfall or a blizzard and that, due to their reduced volume, are easy to carry and allow us to put them on or take them off as needed.

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