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FAST&LIGHT, is the mantra that defines how we understand the mountain activity and OS2O´s equipment philosophy of design.

The feeling of moving light and free in the mountains, reaching further and/or faster, enjoying the physical performance is something we find irresistible. Depart from a village, ascend light and in autonomy, progress by the summit ridge and descend at full speed. No vivac. A fair and pure game.


On our side, developing fabrics and membranes extremely functional in a minimum weight. Reaching for the perfect balance that allows garments to be worn from the beginning to the end of an activity, leaving the ¨whatifs¨ behind. Optimizing patterns that fit the alpinist without limiting the freedom of movements under high intensity efforts. Allowing the compatibility with external elements like helmets, harnesses or crampons, vital support elements in high altitude situations. Innovating continuously to optimize the functionality/weight ratio.

That is how we conceive our products. It is actually more than that, we consider it a way of living indeed: live light, leave no trace, move forward rapidly and adapt to the external circumstances in a flexible way, taking firm decisions, advancing through life in a FAST&LIGHT manner.


Rafael Peinado

OS2O co-founder.
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