These are some of the fabrics that OS2O equipment is manufactured with that combine durability, performance and sustainability, in line with our environmental policy


Recycled feather and duvet are a sustainable alternative for the production of our thermal jackets. The Re:Down® we use is collected from sleeping bags and bedding. First they are separated into a feathers and duvet and then washed and sterilised at high temperature without using chemicals guaranteeing that the recycled material is clean and hypoallergenic.

In addition, the water used in the washing is also recycled and can be transformed back to potable water. Re:Down® uses solar energy. Re:Down® down is traceable from its collection to its final use, 97% of all material collected is reused in products such as the SEAMLESS Re:Down® JACKET jacket.

We use Re:Down® 650 fill power recycled down, mixing goose and duck down. The feathers used in our garments come from Europe. The benefits of the recycled down are the same as the virgin down and its use represents another step in the way of develop sustainable products and productions as OS2O ECO commitment to reduce the environmental impact while offering top quality products.




One of the favorite materials of our design team is the recycled polyester fabric S.Café®. Fans of good coffee, the idea of using a thread from the polyester blend with coffee beans was irresistible. You drink it, you wear it.

The S.Café® material has a biological base, offers a fast drying, UV protection and anti microbial effect to prevent bad odors, without the need to add any extra chemicals avoiding any sort of water pollution.




Sorona® is a biopolymer, a fiber with a bio (biological, non-petroleum based) base. Based on corn starch, Sorona® fiber is renewable, its production uses 30% less energy and releases 63% less greenhouse gases than conventional nylon and 40% less than petrol oil PDOs. It offers excellent thermal properties comparable to any of the fibers on the market, minimal moisture absorption, simple care (thanks to its resistance to chlorine and UV rays), and it is also easy to recycle (due to the absence of heavy metals compared to PET and nylon).

Sorona® is the soul of our all our Insulation line garments, in addition to representing an innovation in the field of chemistry, it is also one of the most reliable raw materials, its thermal properties and its minimum water absorption allow us to offer products of top quality with renewable materials.


P4DRY sustainable technology, quick drying, odor control, reduces moisture condensation, eco-friendly. Manufactured based on S.Café® reused coffee beans. 

P4DRY technology allows us to offer technical finishes for our FAST&LIGHTgarments without using any extra chemical offering cleaner production compared to the use of silver ions (which pollute water).





The STRETCHSHELL PRO fabric incorporates a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment free of PolyFluorides (PFC). PFCs are chemicals potentially harmful to health. 

Our waterproof - breathable products require a DWR treatment so that their operation is optimal, our design team worked on the development of a 3-layer high-performance waterproof (20,000mmH2O), breathable (20,000g /(m²·24hrs))) STRETCHSHELL PRO fabric with a minimum environmental impact and without compromising our clients health. 

Now that you know the implications of DWR treatments, we invite you to give responsible use and care of your products.

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