Our Planet's resources are limited. The actions of human beings have a very decisive influence on our natural environment. The production, use, recycling and disposal of any element has an impact on nature that is vital to analyze from the early stages of its design phase.

At OS2O we are committed to doing as much as we can (which is relatively subjective, we assume) to reduce the impact of our products and our business activity


We also commit to not doing any marketing regarding our sutaibility. Even if we will keep working on reducing our environmental footprint on the planet, this generates a big moral issue when the question should may be: What is better, to produce a ¨sustainable¨ piece of clothing (that it still needs water, energy and will finally produce some sort of waste o rather not to produce anything at all?


We trust on the global action of responsible individuals, together with the action of small and big companies and also the leaders and governments of the world will help us find an answer to that question. Meanwhile, we will not stop working on doing everything in our hand to produce functional and durable garments, minimazing our impact on nature.


We use very high quality materials, thus ensuring that the functionality of the garments will have a longer life cycle. We also minimize the use of chemicals that are not necessary, we have eliminated the use of silver ions in our garments and we only use water repellent treatments free of Poly Fluorine (PFC-Free).

We have been using fabrics and filling like Stormfleece®, Re:Down® o DownTek®, innovative and with a high recycled component that can be found in many marketing campaigns of ¨sustainable¨ brands. More information about our materials.

At OS2O we do not overproduce, we follow a Make to Order production model, where material is used responsibly, we use the same fabric and colour for two or more products, thus reducing unnecessary production processes. We use timeless designs that we do not have to sell at the end of each season.

At OS2O we do not offer seasonal sales. We design and manufacture high quality products at the most competitive price all year round. We do not work with seasonal collections and we do not have the need to get rid of our products at all costs to bring in new ones. We believe that encouraging impulse buying through seasonal sales is not good for the environment, not producing one garment is better than producing many more, even if recycled fabrics are used. We work to encourage a conscious buying process. Sell less, but sell better.

We strive to design products with a long life cycle, the use of high quality materials allows us to offer garments with a versatile use, so that the same product has more than one function. We have accepted the challenge of applying our FAST&LIGHT philosophy to products with intensive use, improving the quality of the materials and their manufacture.

We minimize the amount of fabric that is dyed in each of our products. We use ORGANIC 100 certified cotton (verifies the presence of organic material in the product (min. 95% to 100% organic fabric)

We reduce the number of shipments of material from textile mills to garment factories by grouping fabrics. At OS2O we do not work with temporary collections, but develop product categories. We also do our utmost to avoid exchanges and exchanges once a product has been shipped, our team is 100% available to advise on the best size to purchase.

OS2O products are sold exclusively in our own shops, directly to the final client, thereby considerably reducing the transport of products from the factory to the consumer. Although there is still a lot to do, every time a product leaves our warehouse it is because a customer has bought it and not to send to distributors with this we also reduce the use of plastics and packaging while protecting the products to avoid damage.

We offer a life-guarantee for manufacturing defects. Together with our Design and Production team, we detail the most precise care instructions for each product in order to maximize its life cycle.

At OS2O we use materials that have been totally or partially recycled as Re:Down® down or polyester used in our line Storm Fleece®. We are using reusable recyclable packaging in most our shipments and we are working to reduce it and re-introduce it in the production chain.

All of us at OS2O are sports and nature lovers, and we are aware of the delicate situation of our environment. For this reason, we make decisions in our daily work and personal life aimed at caring for the environment, such as transport by bicycle or the responsible use of water and energy.

This points have been agreed and approved by all OS2O staff.

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