Since our foundation, OS2O has used a business model that is significantly different from almost any other technical clothing brand. From day one, we have always sold directly to the end customer, with a philosophy of "high quality at reasonable prices", without intermediaries of any kind that increase the final cost.

Why is that?

The outdoor clothing industry normally works with distributors and external points of sale, being the distributor, the main customer of a brand. In this way, it is possible to reach many points of sale that increase the visibility of the brand among end users.

It also makes production much easier, as producing very high quantities is much simpler (and cheaper) than producing lower quantities, despite the environmental cost this entails.

In other words, higher volumes, lower costs even with higher prices for the end customer, and then... discounts and back to the machine to make room for new productions.


At OS2O we think this is an obsolete model. New technologies allow us to reach the end customer, at stable prices throughout the year, even with smaller margins that allow the viability of our business, and creating higher quality collections, more durable over time, with fewer colors and variables, selling only what is in demand. We believe that it is not a problem to sell less if you sell better

One problem with this system is that the visibility of a brand like OS2O is less than that of many other brands that are present in practically all the mountain shops in our country, something we accept. After more than 10 years in the sector there are still customers who do not know us. 

But there are other advantages such as the fact that our interaction is always directly with the end customer, which allows us to receive almost immediate feedback on any of our products and we put such comments in the middle of our new development of the future products. We also believe that this type of selling significantly reduces the environmental impact of our economic activity, as it avoids a lot of travel and visits to distributors and shops (partly the cause of price increases) as well as packaging and plastics resulting from multiple shipments when there are many parties involved. 

On the other hand, we observe that more and more small shops are contacting us wanting to sell OS2O, sometimes because the brand of a big corporation (the vast majority of outdoor brands belong to huge investment groups or are listed companies) no longer sells to them, as they (now) want to sell directly or are only considering doing so in large distribution points. This is something that, fortunately, we are not going to have in consideration

This is the OS2O business model: shortening the distance between production and the end customer, respecting all parties involved, doing everything possible to provide high-level technical garments at reasonable prices and trying to reduce the impact on our environment.

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